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Blossom Hill White Zinfandel

The wine has a delightful aroma of strawberries, the flavours of red, ripe watermelon. Lively on the palate, the wine is medium-bodied with a refreshing finish

Findlater Wine Blossom Hill White Zinfandel

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Blossom Hill
6 x 0.75L
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Blossom Hill

Meet this producer

The story of Blossom Hill begins in California, 1992. Carol Thorop was the first winemaker for Blossom Hill, and she had a simple vision. Carol passionately believed that wine should be enjoyed not debated. Complex terminology and vintages were drowning out what mattered most – taste! So taste...

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Working to have a positive impact on the planet

‘Give Wine a Future’ is a movement founded by Findlater & Co. in 2021 in response to the climate emergency.

Give Wine a Future