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Blossom Hill

The story of Blossom Hill begins in California, 1992. Carol Thorop was the first winemaker for Blossom Hill, and she had a simple vision. Carol passionately believed that wine should be enjoyed not debated. Complex terminology and vintages were drowning out what mattered most – taste!

So taste is where she started – and that’s when the world started to fall in love with the Wonderful World of Blossom Hill. When it comes to their wines, Blossom Hill think about their taste first and foremost – sumptuous, mouth-watering and delicious. From juicy red berries to zesty citrus and wonderful watermelons there’s a whole world of taste. And while famous in their native California, Blossom Hill is actually the most loved wine in the whole of the UK!

More than 20 years later, there is a Blossom Hill wine to suit all tastes and occasions - from classic crisp whites to fruity reds and fresh rosés. This means that everyone can find something to love in the Wonderful World of Blossom Hill.

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Blossom Hill


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