Our Unique Blends
As passionate providers of great coffee, we responsibly source, blend and roast some of the finest origin coffees available in Ireland.

Our portfolio offers a diverse mix of locally crafted and international brands. What these brands share is an ongoing commitment to quality, service and delivery. We apply this same passion to the development of your brand.

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Findlater Coffee

Our Beans

The first step in the process is to identify the right blend. We choose to use some of the finest origin coffees from around the equator belt.

By only using the very best coffee beans we can ensure to be the best roasters of bespoke, branded, hand and batch roasted coffee.

Our Roasters

When it comes to roasting we understand the importance of balancing the complexity of modern and the reliability of traditional.

In our facility, we use a combination of state of the art equipment like our Italian Brambati roaster and the more traditional blending drum which dates back to the 1800s. This approach allows us to completely control the coffee roasting process and to adapt any roasting characteristics that our customers may require.

Creating the perfect blend…

While the bean quality and roast are integral to a great coffee. Master roaster Garath Scully uses a mix of trends and wealth of experience in both region and taste to blend and create a perfect, final finished product.

Bespoke Blends