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Our portfolio exclusively features wineries committed to sustainability. We carefully select partners who prioritise environmental responsibility and sustainable practices, ensuring our wines reflect our commitment to quality and eco-conscious winemaking.
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Leading by example on Climate Change

The Give Wine a Future movement was born of the realisation that there is an urgent need for Ireland’s wine industry to take action and lead by example on climate change. There have been increasingly devastating climate-related events in Europe over recent years, including wildfires, extensive flooding, heatwaves and drought. We are facing a tipping point, and without a commitment to climate action from across industry and society at large, this crisis will become a catastrophe.

Give Wine a Future FindlaterClimate action means a commitment to a model of sustainable business, and for wine it goes beyond organic and biodynamic farming. In fact, the biggest carbon footprint for wine producers is everything outside of the vineyard – water management, energy use, packaging and transport.

Big businesses have the power to drive change. Our aim is to educate and inform the wine trade, to help them to make informed choices and educate the consumer in turn. By working together, as individuals and as corporate entities, we can bring about real and lasting change and mitigate against the worst effects of climate change.

Our portfolio exclusively features sustainable wines from producers dedicated to environmental excellence across their operations. They set the standard for climate action in the industry, and we take pride in offering their environmentally responsible wines to you.

Seminars 2024

2024 Give Wine A Future by Findlater & Co. Portfolio Tasting Seminar 1:

The Future of Wine by Give Wine a Future

The sustainability of the wine trade and how we can recruit new wine drinkers in a declining category.

Facilitated by John Wilson, Irish Times

Panellists: Roisín Curley MW (Maison Roisín Curley); Giacomo Boscaini (MASI); Brenda Nadía Sanchez (Familia Torres); Joe Coyle (ex-­Liberty Wines)

2024 Give Wine A Future by Findlater & Co. Portfolio Tasting Seminar 2:

Demystifying B CORP

What is B CORP accreditation and why is it important for the wine.

Facilitated by Catherine Cleary, Irish Times

Panellists: Iain Thurgar (When in Rome); Geraldine Gouet Thureau (Cono Sur); Nuno Silva (Graham’s) & James McManus (Director, B Lab Ireland)


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