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Roberto Anselmi

For a few decades before the turn of the century Roberto Anselmi was one of the people credited with restoring the rather battered reputation of Soave, and showing to what heights the wines of the region could aspire. However, in the year 2000, Roberto's patience with the DOC finally snapped, as the pressure grew within it to allow even higher yields. His wines are now labelled as IGT Veneto and named after the vineyards or district from which they come.

Roberto has continued to make excellent wines and remains one of the most respected white wine producers in Italy, with a slew of Tre Bicchieri awards from Gambero Rosso. Roberto's son Tomasso, who looks after the vineyards and winemaking, and daughter Lisa, who directs marketing, are the next generation and will continue the great work, but Roberto is still very much involved. These are Garganega based wines that age superbly - Julia Harding MW said in a September 2020 article on that a bottle of 2005 San Vincenzo was still very much alive and showing very well - incredible for a wine of this price.

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Roberto Anselmi


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