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In J. Fernando Family Wines we take care of every detail in viticulture, and this also includes the presentation of our facilities. The Finca Navahermosa is a good example as it has a winery located in the center of its plain, from which you can enjoy the views of the entire vineyard.

Founded in Villaescusa de Haro, Cuenca, the winery is a bet of the founder of the family to maintain the quality of the grapes as the building was designed for grapes not to take more than 20 minutes to arrive for discharge. In addition to this, the facilities stand out for their wide and modern installations, with 10,000 square meters equipped with the last technology to control the elaboration of the wines.

The palate of those who value wine is exquisite and experienced, and that is why we pursue the highest quality in our wines taking good care of our vines from their birth. After that, we make sure of the elaboration process, which is carried out by the family and in first person. That is how we make up a very well distributed and connected team, characterised by a common value: quality.

In general, all the wines of J. Fernando Family Wine share the same last name and absolutely all of them come from raw material grown in our vineyards. This is a guarantee of quality and quantity, the result we continuously aim for.

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J Fernando


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