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You'll know Freixenet Cordón Negro Cava, but did you know that today The Freixenet Group owns wineries all around the world, making both still and sparkling wines?

The Freixenet story began with the marriage of Dolores Sala Vivé and Pedro Ferrer-Bosch. It united two historic winemaking families: the Salas and the Ferrers. With this incredible heritage, the Ferrer Family created not only Freixenet, developed Casa Sala and Segura Viudas Cavas too. However, the sparkling story doesn't stop there. The Freixenet Group also owns sparkling wine wineries all around the world from Mexico to California or France.

The winemaking skills of the Ferrer Family even extend to still wines, with award-winning wineries right across best wine regions in Spain. With more wineries in France and Australia, The Freixenet Group is a truly global winemaking company.

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