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Sangre De Toro White 0.0% Alcohol

Delicate floral and fruit aromas. Soft and lightly effervescent on the palate, with an exquisite citrusy finish (quince).

Findlater Wines Sangre De Toro White 0.0

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Sangre De Toro
White Wine
6 x 0.75L
- %
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Sangre De Toro

Meet this producer

Sangre de Toro was created with the aim of introducing into the market a wine offering excellent value for money and capable of expressing its overwhelming personality in glasses all over the world. Since then, we have become the ambassador of the Spanish Way of Wine.

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Working to have a positive impact on the planet

‘Give Wine a Future’ is a movement founded by Findlater & Co. in 2021 in response to the climate emergency.

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