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Krásná Hora Chardonnay Pinot Blanc

Dry, full-bodied, white wine with nose that slowly blossoms,to a luscious palette of white lilies, peach and almond with soft vanilla/woody notes in evolution. Delicate taste attacks with strikingly ripe acidity, broad mouth-filling and elegant at the same time. Long lingering aftertaste.

Krásná Hora Chardonnay Pinot Blanc

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Krasna Hora
White Wine Other
White Wine
6 x 0.75L
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Krasna Hora

Meet this producer

The roots of this small winery go back to the early 1960s when the first family vineyard was planted. Since then, they have come a long way, focusing on releasing high quality, biodynamic wines from small parcels of premium fruit after long and careful ageing in their cellar, located behind the...

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