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Carleone Il Randagio 6x75cl

This great export vocation is fundamentally the excellent quality - price of its wines, part of the attitude and philosophy of the company. This has been confirmed systematically by the award of numerous awards and favorable reviews from the trade press and the allocation of references "Best Buy".

Carleone Il Randagio

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Tenuta di Carleone
Red Wine
6 x 0.75L
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Tenuta di Carleone

Meet this producer

Sean O'Callaghan is the man behind these incredible expressions of Sangiovese. Sean unusually eschews all use of wood in favour of concrete tanks for both fermenting and maturing these wines. This choice gives the wines vibrancy and a unique personality amongst the wines of Chianti. Sean is a...

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‘Give Wine a Future’ is a movement founded by Findlater & Co. in 2021 in response to the climate emergency.

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