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Meaning sunshine and life, our Salana & Eshe coffee beans are steeped in a rich history of tradition and culture, offering a truly unique experience.

Let Salana & Eshe take you on a gourmet coffee journey.

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Ruby Espresso Beans

Gourmet Espresso Beans, (6 x 500g)

A medium roasted blend of Heirloom variety Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee and Brazil Fazenda Coffee.

Medium bodied with an explosively aromatic citrus and floral note and a sublime cocoa and caramel finish. Excellent balance with a body that marries perfectly with milk. Medium Roast.

Heirloom coffee from the Sidamo region of Southern Ethiopia and Brazil Fazenda type from the SulDe Minas region

Tasting Notes
Citrus, Bergamot Cocoa & Caramel

Salana Ruby Espresso Beans